Use Webinars to Reach Decision Makers

Reach C-Level Decision Makers for B2B Purchases

Expensive B2B purchases usually involve a long sales cycle where you must reach top decision makers. Inbound marketing and sales pipelines start with creating valuable content that lures in your ideal customers with the right job titles. When you provide marketing content that challenges barrier beliefs and helps customers see your unique value to accomplish their goals, they are happy to receive more information.

Answering Customer Questions Builds Trust and Increases Sales

Mobile phone providers and banks regularly lose customers to churn. Customer churn is when a customer with monthly payments leaves their relationship with the company. Online businesses can only grow when the monthly amount of satisfied customers exceeds the customers lost through churn.

Our Buyer Persona Research for machine learning software revealed that our ideal customers were CXO or VP level searchers who were looking to solve specific business problems such as customer churn. How could we attract and build a trust relationship with these highly selective business leaders?


Multi-Channel Campaign to Attract Decision Makers

We chose a webinar where our ideal customers could hear successful case studies and ask questions of the data scientist. We started by researching and scripting the format for the customer churn webinar.


The next step was attracting our ideal business customers with email, Google paid search ads and paid social media.

The LinkedIn paid social campaign and the Google AdWords spend provided insights into what content and headlines yielded the best response rate. The largest number of responses came from the email campaign. Learning from the Google AdWords and social media analytics, we fine-tuned the email subject line and content. Based on our research, the focus on Customer Churn was a relevant pain point that brought in 26 senior decision makers from firms such as Starbucks, 4 banks, T-Mobile and several other valuable sales prospects.




The churn webinar campaigns received hundreds of paid ad impressions in the 3 weeks before the webinar. Only C level, VP level or Director level leaders received the link to the webinar.

These webinar attendees were then given the choice to subscribe to our Email Nurture Campaign and an optional conference with our sales team. This resulted in identifying potential customers who dealt with customer churn at companies such as major banks, national media companies, T-Mobile and Starbucks.

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