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An FAQ video or page is a collection of information that your customers ask about your products and services. Explainer videos and Frequently Asked Question videos (FAQ) are a quick way to teach customers about the dimensions of the business problem they need to solve.

Intellistart offered their hand sanitizer and temperature scanner to help businesses reopen safely during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sensitive topics like healthcare require firms to take great care with accurate information. 




Because of the caution required with health issues, a doctor was chosen to deliver the answers to Covid questions. Earning customer trust is a happy byproduct of answering customer questions before they buy.

Whenever people are looking for the solution to a problem they may feel anxiety when they come to a website. Taking a sales oriented approach can cause anxiety in your potential customers. But by patiently explaining the best solution for each part of their problem, the customer will begin to see that your solution is the best solution.




The video FAQ blog post was also used as a YouTube video and as part of a LinkedIn social campaign. This gained more traffic for the website and more traffic on the YouTube channel.

FAQ videos and pages help your customers choose you as the authoritative solution to their problems. Video blogs build customer trust as customers see your solutions in action.


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