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Rely on Content helps your online business to influence buyer decisions, attract sales leads, and sell to your most profitable clients. Buying is all about choice.  The right message helps your customer choose your business above your competitors.

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Ed Hill is a long time Atlanta content marketing consultant. After several years in TV news and video production in Florida, Ed moved into web application & database development.

Moving to Atlanta, his work evolved into blogging, SEO and content writing. Ed has led content campaigns, social media and SEO for digital advertising agencies, AT&T and numerous consulting clients.

Content that meets the needs of customers and relieves their pain points has always been effective for lead generation. Ed specializes in combining video, content and social media for building customer trust and improving your conversion rate.



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Porter Versfelt III is the storyteller in the partnership at Rely On Content. He started his professional career in radio news, freelancing for The Missouri Network and National Public Radio, among other clients. He soon moved on to local and later network TV news (NBC and ABC) as a reporter, producer, and cameraman. His storytelling skills easily led to working for advertising agencies, public relations firms, and Hollywood.

Porter has worked on hundreds of motion pictures, television and video productions during his career; nearly twenty Hollywood movies for Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Tyler Perry Studios, Universal and Paramount; TV shows and networks such as Lifetime, CW, E! International, Food Network, WE, PBS, Georgia Public TV, Pennsylvania Public TV, Oxygen, and Tru TV/Court TV; as well as many television documentaries, corporate marketing and training videos.

He is a Southerner, raised in Texas, Europe and the Middle East, and has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and the world since childhood. Since 1994, Porter has lived and worked in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area. He is an avid gardener, cook and voracious reader. His enthusiasm for life and new things makes him the perfect fit for telling your company’s story.

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  • In the fast-changing world of high tech, industry, and business in general, training is an on-going need for any organization. Even though you hire competent and experienced employees, they still need good training to learn about your company’s specific products and services, and how they work. Training Videos can be watched via e-mail, text, Web, or on individual work stations in 2-3 minute modules, small manageable bites that are easy for the viewer to consume. Keeping your employees up-to-date lets them work efficiently and be a knowledgable service to your customers.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Why do most companies negelect training?” _builder_version=”4.9.0″ _module_preset=”default”]

80% of learning and development professionals admit that developing new and existing hires should be a priority for the executive team. But due to limited budgets and small teams, it becomes a challenge to most learning and development professionals.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”How can we improve the effectiveness of employee training?” _builder_version=”4.9.0″ _module_preset=”default”]

HR professionals can justify training budget when they can show that employees retain the knowledge and skills that they have learned. A recent Savo group study shows that 7 days after a training session, the average employee will forget 65 percent of the material learned. That number increases to 90 percent of the material forgotten after 6 months.

The data shows that training presentations that include video are 9 percent more effective than text alone when comprehension is tested right after the training. Comprehension increases by 83 percent when the testing is conducted later. This means that video increases employee’s ability to retain information over a longer period of time.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”How can we reduce the cost of employee training?” _builder_version=”4.9.0″ _module_preset=”default”]

For businesses with several locations or with many employees spread out a large geographic area travel and lodging can be a large part of training expenses. IBM discovered that travel and lodging costs made up 40 percent of their total event cost for training. IBM saved $579 million over a two-year period by shifting just 50 percent of their training to e-learning.

Video training can also reduce the cost of training with live online conferences. Gartner Research recommends that video provides cost and time savings in reusing content, compared to running the same live conferencing session multiple times.

When video training increases knowledge retention rates it can also increase compliance with regulations and reduce legal risks caused by employee mistakes.

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Video-based training can also make it easier for employees to comply with training requirements. On-site training may be missed when employees have a schedule conflict. When video training is available online, employees can use the training when it suits their schedule best. They can even use the online training videos from remote locations or from their home.


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