How to Launch Your Product

Reach Business Owners with Workplace Screening Product

The Covid 19 pandemic crippled businesses and cost millions of lost jobs. Business owners
were forced to shut down until guidelines were established for reopening safely.

Intellistart developed a combined temperature scanner and hand sanitizer in order to help businesses
protect customers and employees from the risk of Covid 19 infection. How can Intellistart launch their new product
and cut through a crowded marketplace to reach business owners?

How can we reach targeted business segments?

Consumers are most exposed to Covid-19 risk in lines of people when they visit restaurants, airlines, hotels, casinos, movie theaters, sporting events and theme parks.

Business owners and operators are keenly aware they must strike a balance between re-opening to save their businesses and protecting both customers and employees.

Intellistart needed to reach owners and operators in each vertical segment to show they understood the needs of business in this critical time. Intellistart also needed to demonstrate that their combined solution was superior to existing handheld scanners and hand sanitizer dispensers with low capacity.



Based on use case and buyer persona research, the relyon content team needed to build marketing messages that would address the unique concerns of each business vertical. These targeted messages would be shared with each business vertical through website landing pages, customized videos and a content rich SEO campaign. Distribution of the videos was further lifted by a consistent LinkedIn campaign.





The Rely On Content team built the website and blog within 2 months, giving Intellistart a foundation for their SE0 and paid ad words campaigns.

The video campaign built lead generation through organic search and links from the YouTube videos. Because the videos we created addressed pain points for each business vertical, business owners and operators could view Intellistart as their ally in reducing
Covid 19 infection risk.

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