How Do You Increase Traffic to Your Web Pages with SEO? – Search Optimization

Team Building With Taste is a corporate team training company with locations in Atlanta and Dallas. When they wanted to improve web traffic and lead generation for their cooking workshops that build team unity, they knew they needed SEO and new web content. Ed Hill optimized and rewrote existing web page and blog content. We also developed new web content that focused on meeting the needs of corporate team managers.

Top Ranked Web page for search term Virtual Team Building Dallas

How Long Does It Take to Build New Web Traffic?

Writing new web pages and optimizing existing pages took roughly two months. The new pages were indexed by Google within a week. Within 3-4 weeks we saw an increase in Google search rank with most of the optimized pages appearing on the first page of search results for the targeted keywords.

Here’s a sample web page that was targeted around concepts related to team building for virtual teams or remote teams. Several pages were created to address this topic thoroughly. Each page was structured to provide a complete overview of the page topic.




Search Engine Optimization Performance Delivers Solid Results

Using the principles that follow Google’s webmaster guidelines was effective. In this case, two of the new web pages were able to gain position one and position two in search results. You can see the result below as of summer 2018. 

 Read the search optimized blog post that ranked on the first page of Google Search results:  Why Team Building is Critical for Your Remote Virtual Teams


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