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B2B Online searchers are hungry for knowledge and are looking for honest answers. These B2B customers are looking for the truth behind the advertisement and they will quickly ignore a company that doesn’t address their needs honestly. 

We’ve been part of  many successful online marketing campaigns over the last 15 years. We know from studying successful B2B marketing that customers go through predictable stages when searching for a solution for a business need.

How can we increase Search traffic and lead generation? – Content Marketing and SEO are proven as powerful lead generation tools. 93% of B2B buyers start their research with search engines. To maximize your marketing  means combining 3 or more marketing channels. We can show you which channels work best together to reach your B2B audience.

What marketing channels will help potential clients  to Know our business? – 80% of business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. 48% of B2B buyers said that webinars were the most valuable content format in the mid-stage of their buying journey.

How can we build customer Trust? – 49% of B2B buyers said they rely more on content to research and make purchase decisions. 64% of Business buyers reveal that they share case studies with their colleagues. DemandGen Report

Why don’t sales leads buy from us? – 50% of buyers delayed or stopped their business purchases after the search for a vendor had begun. We can help you align your marketing and sales collateral with client needs that matter most to them. We can also optimize your landing pages to increase your sales conversion rate.

How can our marketing team work better to deliver qualified leads to our sales team? – Many salespeople throw away the leads sent to them by your marketing team. Your marketing team can deliver quality leads to sales when both teams use the client insights that we develop through research and Buyer Personas.

The most effective path to more sales is building content that is relevant to the needs and desires of your customers. By putting their problems at the front of your marketing efforts, and creating content that aims to answer their questions honestly you will attract and earn the trust of your B2B customers.