Marketing Campaign Services

You know you need to go to market
but where Do you start?

Your business goal may be launching a new product or service or promoting a specific event.

What do you want your campaign to accomplish for your business?

  • Promote your new product or service
  • Build brand awareness  
  • Drive customers to buy on a landing page
  • Advertise an upcoming event
  • D2C or B2C

Your Marketing Campaign Can Get Results Like These:

  • Travel/Hospitality industry:  Aided Brand Awareness increased 3% in just 6 weeks
  • Tax Preparation:  Client grew number of locations by 50% after first TV & digital campaign

Let Liv help you figure that out. Liv McKinsey has put together marketing programs and campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. 

Your budget may range from $1500 to $50 Million per year. 

You may be in Real Estate, a start up or a mid-size company. 

Liv can put your budget where it will have the best effect to reach your desired audience.

Project Management

Whether you need a website developed, a new process, or support for an already existing process, Liv’s got the experience to help you develop the tools and process for organizational success.
What Marketing Channel is Best for Your Business?
  • Display
  • Programmatic
  • SEM
  • Paid Social
  • Email
  • Website

When You Need Marketing operations & implementation

You know you need to automate, but how do you implement those systems?

Liv has worked with systems such as Adobe, Google Analytics, DoubleClick and Facebook to connect their systems & data to the rest of the marketing ecosystem on a local, regional, and global level. 

Don’t Waste Your Ad Budget on the Wrong Approach. 

With the Right Guidance You Can Reach Your Audience at a Lower Cost.


At first glance, it appears as if a broad reach, low-cost CPM provides the most cost effective approach. However, the  target audience makes up only about 7% of that total available audience. 
So, although that $10/CPM looks really good at first glance, you’re really spending about $145/CPM to reach your target audience with this approach, or about 1,350% increase in cost.

Graph shows the value of Ad targeting

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